"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" teaser, coming out this Thursday or Friday, will actually be trailer-length

Inverse has this:

"Rey will likely do more than just spin her lightsaber in the first trailer for Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi. One way or another, the first teaser, trailer, or preview for the film is coming this week, and early rumors suggest it will be longer than a teaser and will have a “full trailer feel.” On Monday, the Twitter account for the fan rumor site Star Wars News.Net asserted that the first Last Jedi trailer won’t be “just a teaser.” While a trailer is almost certainly coming this week, it’s still unclear when it will happen. While it’s possible the first trailer for The Last Jedi could happen as early as Thursday, April 13 during the 40th Anniversary panel at Star Wars Celebration, the good money now seems be on a big “preview” being shown on Friday, April 14 during the official The Last Jedi panel."