"Once Upon A Time In Venice" wants to be Bruce Willis' "John Wick"

Oh, Well the obvious thing I'll start off with is that this trailer gives away too much plotting. I felt like I just sat through a big chunk of the movie just by watching these two minutes. Now, as I've mentioned before, Neeson and "Taken" really started a chain reaction of older, more mature-looking, Hollywood A-listers taking a crack at being action stars. It worked for Neeson and Reeves, but Willis? This movie probably needed a better writer and director team as this is from Robb and Mark Cullen, the guys who wrote the god-awful "Cop Out." Also, didn't the whole "they took/killed my dog" revenge trope get used up to death after "John Wick"? 

"Once Upon A Time In Venice" opens on June 16th.