Mark Hamill Hints Luke Could Turn To The Dark Side, Says Reading "The Last Jedi" Script Was "Shocking"

As if last week's Star Wars celebration in Orlando didn't given us enough food for thought in relation to "The Last Jedi," comes this week's latest news, this time Hamill spoke to ABC news and gave us a few more clues in regards to "Episode 8." and beyond. During the conversation he also mentions that it is "possible" that Luke could turn to the dark side by the end of the trilogy.
“There’s a difference between teaser and a trailer. A teaser is supposed to show you dynamic images that heighten your awareness and make you want to see the trailer, but avoid all story points if at all possible. [But] I think that’s the only story point that’s in the teaser, which is Luke saying it’s time for the Jedi to end… It was as shocking to me to read what Rian Johnson had written as I’m sure it will be for the audience.”

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