Mark Hamill hints "The Last Jedi" could be the end of Luke Skywalker's journey

Bear with me here on all the Star Wars news that's being posted here at World of Reel. The Orlando celebrations have really given us more clues as to where this saga is headed. Here's Mark Hamill talking to Fandango about Luke's possible death, or end of journey, in "The Last Jedi."
“Well he’s a completely different person,” he said. “He had an arc [in the original trilogy], and I think Carrie and Harrison admitted their characters were pretty much the same throughout, but Luke was always changing. Now we have this 30-year gap between the films, so a lot of if is conjecture. It’s not specifically my story – Rey is now the protagonist.”
Hamill went on to admit that he wasn’t happy originally with the path Luke takes in this film. “I think you’ll find some things that’ll surprise you,” he said. “They certainly surprised me. I said to Rian, I think I fundamentally disagree with everything you’ve decided for me. Now having said that, I have to accept it, get my mind around it and do my best to realize your vision. Once I got into it, a lot of my fears went away.”
On whether Luke is going to stick around past The Last Jedi, Hamill hints that he may not. “That’s why I enjoy Rogue One so much… because I’m not in it. This is a little too high-profile for me.” On whether this is the last we’ll see of Luke, Hamill smirked. “To be determined.”
Hamill also revealed to us his version of the reunion between Luke and Han Solo that he wanted to see happen in The Force Awakens