"Ingrid Goes West" - One Of The Best Movies Of Sundance 2017 [Trailer]

This was one of the best movies I saw at Sundance. Over time I can see this being a defining movie of the current generation of click-bait, photo snapping millennials. Aubrey Plaza gives a towering performance. Matt Spicer also gives us auspiciously promising filmmaking debut.

I wrote this about the film for Awards Daily:

"If there ever was a film that dealt with our craze for social media in the most intelligent and assured way, it would be Matt Spicer’s Ingrid Goes West. Thee film has a career-making performance from Aubrey Plaza as an emotionally unbalanced, celebrity obsessed millenial (Aubrey Plaza) who decides to head out west and stalk an Instagram celebrity (a pitch-perfect Elizabeth Olsen) to the brink of martyrdom. It’s one of the best dark comedies to come around in ages and smartly updates the stalker genre for the social media generation. A perfect fit if you ask me."

Here’s the official synopsis:
"Following the death of her mother and a series of self-inflicted setbacks, young Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza) escapes a humdrum existence by moving out West to befriend her Instagram obsession and LA socialite Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen). After a quick bond is forged between these unlikeliest of friends, the fa├žade begins to crack in both women’s lives — with comically malicious results."
“Ingrid Goes West” opens on August 4th.