"Fate of the Furious" makes record-breaking $530 Million dollars worldwide at the weekend box-office

I was on vacation last week so I didn't catch "The Fate of the Furious." Will likely watch it this week. Am I excited for it? Not really. The only film of the franchise that really did anything for me was "Fast Five." Much of it having it do with its setting in Rio and also it being The Rock's debut in the franchise. It felt like a cat and mouse cop procedural and it worked splendidly well. I mean, in all honesty, the only reason why I still watch these is because of The Rock. Vin Diesel has become a complete buffoon in my books.

Anyway, the latest "Furious" film just broke a record with half a billion dollars worldwide at the weekend box-office. 

1. The Fate of the Furious— $100,181,640
2. The Boss Baby — $15,540,000 ($116,323,907)
3. Beauty and the Beast —$13,634,000 ($454,649,751)
4. Smurfs: The Lost Village — $6,500,000 ($24,728,326)
5. Going in Style — $6,350,000 ($23,376,352)
6. Gifted — $3,000,000 ($4,369,910)
7. Get Out — $2,917,865 ($167,547,880)
8. Power Rangers — $2,850,000 ($80,563,748)
9. The Case for Christ — $2,720,000
10. Kong: Skull Island — $2,670,000 ($161,246,181)

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