Zack Snyder's Top 5 Favorite Movies

Courtesy of Newsweek comes this little nugget from their archives. Ever wondered what Zack Snyder's favorite films are? Funny that he has "Excalibur" topping the list as it was showing in the theater Bruce's parents got shot outside of in "Batman Vs Superman." "Excalibur" is an incredibly faithful adaptation of "La Mort d'Arthur." Parallels between "Arthur" and "Batman vs Superman" are very pronounced. So much so that it feels like Snyder ripped it off and just set the same story in the DC universe. For example: The fight between Batman and Superman is similar to the fight between Lancelot and Arthur, two good guys fighting against each other and eventually making up for more important reasons: to fight the real bad guy Mordred (Doomsday in BvS). Superman sacrificing his own body/life to defeat and kill Doomsday is the same way the fight between Mordred and Arthur went down. Both dead. A hero and a villain.

Zack Snyder's Top 5 Favorite Movies:

1) Excalibur 
"To this day, I think John Boorman's film is the perfect meeting of movies and mythology."
2) The Road Warrior 
"The first "Mad Max" sequel is violent and sophisticated. It feels uncompromising."
3) A Clockwork Orange 
"Shockingly unapologetic."
4) Blue Velvet 
"Lynch's classic is one of those movies that never goes where you expect and conjures a perfectly unique world."
5) RoboCop 
"Both funny and violent, and Paul Verhoeven balanced it with just the right amount of satire."
"A film to which you always return: The Searchers. It has remarkable moral ambiguity for the time in which it was made. And I love the film's rambling narrative."

"A film you hope parents will show their kids: Hope and Glory. I've always thought this was an inspiring story about how families can persevere through war and the loss of innocence."