Terrence Malick "witch hunt" is currently at full-throttle

The above headline, courtesy of THR, has me cringing at the thought that the Terrence Malick "witch hunt," that has been happening ever since "To The Wonder," which then continued with "Knight of Cups" and now has hit a peak of animosity with "Song to Song," has finally hit its goal of de-legitimizing the once legendary director. 

The THR story goes on to state this:

"Critics also are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the latest from Malick, who made his name with Badlands but then famously dropped out of view for 20 years after 1978's Days of Heaven, returning with the critically acclaimed The Thin Red Line. In a late-career rush, Malick has directed The Tree of Life, To the Wonder and Knight of Cups — all to mixed, at best, receptions."

What the author gets wrong here is that "The Tree of Life" earned rapturous reviews, won the Palme D'or at Cannes and went on to get nominated for, both, Best Picture and Best Director. With the already click-baity headline and now mixing up the facts, there is a clear agenda here.

I wrote a little more extensively about the SXSW premiere of Malick's "Song to Song" HERE, I will be catching the film next week at a Boston Common press screening. I mean, how could I possibly miss a Terrence Malick film, no matter how ill received. I'm actually much more looking forward to his WWII film "Radegund," which, cross your fingers, will be at Cannes this year. 

As you can tell I have not yet given up on Malick, because who seriously gives up on an esteemed auteur? Did we give up on Scorsese when he released "New York, New York"? Did we give up on the Coens when they released the back-to-back curiosities "Intolerable Cruelty," and "The Ladykillers"? How about when Spielberg released "Always," "The Last Crusade" and Hook" in a span of three years? I won't lie that I am worried about Malick, but I am cautiously optmisitic that he will get out of this funk. 

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