"Personal Shopper"

I was hoping it'd come out last year, but, alas, the wait is over. They have decided to, in the words of a publicist I spoke to at TIFF, "follow the same plan as what what was done with "Clouds of Sils Maria," which was also directed by Olivier Assayas and starred Stewart.

The film comes out tomorrow, please do catch it, it's sublime.

Excerpts from my Cannes review:

"Olivier Assayas’ latest, "Personal Shopper" was the infamous film that got booed. Although highly stylized, the film didn’t deserve that reaction. Revolving around a ghost story that, not by accident, happens to take place in a fashion industry filled with artifice, the film is meant to be absorbed for what it is: A taut, terrific venture into the unknown."

"Kristen Stewart stars as Maureen, a top-model’s personal shopper that also, supposedly, happens to be telepathic. When her brother dies she begins to question the many curious events happening around her, which includes a mysterious texter. The texting scene is close to half an hour long and is the make it or break point for many of the film’s champions and detractors. I found it entirely absorbing. Same for the rest of the movie, except for a unfortunate weak coda that ends the movie on an ambiguous note, instead of in a clear and concise manner."

"No matter, this is top-notch filmmaking with an impeccable performance by Stewart, who hasn’t really had to carry a full movie on her own until this one. She is alone in many scenes throughout the picture and does an admirable job leaving you in a state of hypnosis with her mannerisms and quirks. Assayas, a great director, quite clearly wanted to create a supernatural atmosphere, with much influence on the 1960 classic "The Haunting." As far as those kind of movies go, there is nothing wrong in putting "Personal Shopper" next to them" [B+]