Michael Sannon, one of the very best actors working today, is the frontrunner to play Cable in "Deadpool 2"

I really can't say enough great thing about Michael Shannon. As the title suggests, he is one of the best working actors of his generation. I rarely use the word astounding to describe a performance, but Shannon truly was astounding in "Bug," "Revolutionary Road," "Take Shelter,"" 99 Homes," and "Nocturnal Animals." 

The road has been paved with many ups and downs for "Deadpool 2," but it seems like things are finally picking up an becoming straight. The film already found their Domino last week, but there's still the question of who will play Cable, an important role that could make or break the entire film.

According to THR, Michael Shannon is in the shortlist and might even get the role.  Production of the film is aimed for this summer, with a spring 2018 release. David Leitch ("John Wick 2") will be replacing Tim Miller as director.