Matt Reeves Signed On To THE BATMAN Because He Was Promised To Have "Final Say" On The Movie

Good to know that Matt Reeve's negotiation tactic ("My way or the highway") paid off. WB execs are probably starting to realize that meddling with the creative process is not particularly the best way to go about it. It has failed thus far for them. Better let directors, you know, direct. Also glad to hear that James Wan will be getting the creatIve freedom needed for "Aquaman"

"The studio waited a few days, saw that this was rapidly becoming another black eye for the the DCEU, and they (bat)caved. They went back to Reeves, told him he had the final say on all things The Batman, and that’s why he came back and officially signed on. In the press release from Warner Bros. on the hiring of Reeves, they made mention of his talent for “world-building,” as that seems to be the vital ingredient in their arrangement. Reeves didn’t want to simply be a director-for-hire; He wanted to build up a world for The Dark Knight."