Logan Getting Black & White Cut on DVD/Blu-Ray Release

As cool as this all sounds, the color in "Logan" seemed perfect to me. That dreamy dusty gray and brown made it feel like a classic western. I am not too sure if the outdoor scenes would really benefit from black and white.

"Mangold is developing a black and white version of Logan that will appear on the DVD. After dancing around the question he confirmed it.” It is something we are doing,” he said. The idea started because he thinks Jackman looks best with a kind of pretty harsh lighting and that transitions well into black and white. B&W photos he was taking during production were released and found their way on to the Internet.” I think it even surprised everyone to the degree that there is a kind of a running assumption that black and white is a turnoff for most people. It caused such an extreme reaction, and so much appreciation for these pictures, and then people immediately wondering if the film itself was going to be in black and white, and so we are giving it a whirl, and I think the Blu-ray will come out with a pass on it. I think it will be a very handsome black and white version of the picture,” he said. George Miller did something similar with his chrome version of Mad Max: Fury Road."