I guess I might as well give my thoughts on "Song to Song"

Your liking of "Song to Song" will depend on whether you like Malick's other two films, which basically form this trilogy, "To The Wonder" and "Knight of Cups." It's the same idea, same style, same kind of love triangles, same "wonderment" at nature, same self-congratulatory sense of itself. I personally hated those films. I thought they were total Malick jerk-off sessions or, as my buddy told me after the screening, another film in Malick's "Texas nouveau-riche" trilogy. Also, for me, the biggest problem with these films is the fact that he's cast a who's who of Hollywood A-listers, which really becomes problematic and inauthentic for what he's trying to achieve. That's why I'm very much looking forward to his next film, "Radegund," which has already wrapped-up shooting and is supposed to be all in German with English subtitles, German actors and set in WWII. A departure from his the "Texas nouveau-riche" trilogy and Hollywood actors.