Does Anyone Remember "Case De Mi Padre"?

Does anyone actually remember "Casa De Mi Padre"? That western comedy set in Mexico which starred Will Ferrell, who spoke all his lines in Spanish, as a cowboy in the west. This little nugget of a crazed idea is most probably the only Will Ferrell movie we'll ever have fully in Spanish language and English subtitles.. I can't recall any particular scenes from the film, but I do remember the idea and how it turned out to be one of the biggest WTF experiences I've ever had at the movies. It turns out the idea should have been done SNL style, in skit format, ala "Funny or Die," because it does work for the first 20 or so minutes as a curiosity, but its concept quickly wears thin as it goes along. Not surprising. Ferrell is one of those comedians I've always respected. His comedies are never fully by-the-books or safe, there's always a sense that the entire production is saying "We're flying by the seat of our pants, this whole thing could unravel at any moment, but, hey, we're having too much fun here, so fuck it." Sometimes that formula works ("Old School," "Anchorman," "Talladega Nights," "Step Brothers") and other times it fails miserably ("The Campaign," "Semi-Pro," "Get Hard," "Blades of Glory"). Up next for the actor is "The House," which looks atrocious.