A Wick-ian Defense

Screenwriter Matthew Wilder's ("Dog Eat Dog") message on Facebook:

"Can you explain this WICK thing? I thought this movie was retarded. Everything about it. Especially the "dialogue" which played like it was written by an ESL person. The Franco Nero cameo...The rivals nodding at each other in what I guess is meant to be "samurai style"...the whole thing was, to quote Pauline Kael, something that "seemed like it was conceived by an evil four-year-old."

My response as follows:

"Are you talking about the sequel? The original wasn't that amazing. The sequel, however, is an empty exercise in stylistic action. I love Keanu doing his own stunts and how the action scenes barely have any cuts in them. (Take that Michael Bay and every other action movie of the 21st century!) The camera just flows magnificently. Also there a ton of headshots in the film, how can you complain about that? Not supposed to be high art, but I think today's action directors should really take a look at the way director David Leitch choreographs the whole thing."