Petition circulating for Zack Snyder to direct THE BATMAN can really make the world a better place, but I don't think this is any kind of exampe to go by.  Jennifer Huneycutt has started a petition for Zack Snyder to take over Ben Affleck's directing duties and helm "The Batman." She has, so far, 3,200 signees which is close to the goal of 5000. Snyder has had his day as far as I'm concerned. He made the DC films succesful money-making blockbusters, but the decidedly mixed reactions to the films have concerned DC and WB enough for them to not include Snyder in any upcoming films post-Justice League.
Her petition goes something like this:
"Snyder has a stellar record with comic book and graphic novel properties. Starting with 2006’s 300, and followed by Watchmen in 2009, he has shown his skill with, and commitment to, being incredibly faithful to iconic source material. Many scenes in both films are panel-for-panel recreations of the graphic novel pages. He doesn’t try to stick his two cents’ worth in every movie, putting his own spin on things (they like to call it “artistic license” in the biz) just because he can. He knows how much these stories mean to their fans, and that goes a long way in my book. He has my respect for that."
"Another reason is continuity. Aside from the abysmal Suicide Squad, Snyder is pretty much in the driver’s seat for the whole DCEU. He directed Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; and is also slated for Justice League: Parts 1 & 2. So it only makes sense to let him remain in control, for the sake of the integrity of the film universe itself. Having a bunch of different directors work on a single series is just asking for trouble, both in continuity and in the dreaded “creative differences.” (Yes, it has mostly worked for Marvel, but the MCU is lightning in a bottle. Let’s not pretend that makes it a foolproof formula.) He’s already familiar with all the principal characters and their respective portrayers, so he isn’t going to go screwing with established canon or pissing off his stars."
Source: JoBlo