James Cameron Praises Zack Snyder's "New Cinematic Language"

The video evidence can be found HERE

Directors that continue to inspire me…Ridley Scott. I mean, I’ll go to any Ridley Scott movie, even the ones that bomb, to me, are great, because the fabric of the filmmaking, you know, just the way he sees, and the way he places the camera…Zack Snyder and Robert Rodriguez, guys that were just creating their own cinematic language… A friend of mine, who was a visual effects guy just directed Deadpool, and I went to see Deadpool. And the opening credits sequence, I was like, ‘Damn, nobody ever thought of that. Do a fake credit sequence!’ How brilliant is it?” 

"Okay, lets be honest here. Cameron is a visual director. Of course he's going to admire Snyder. Cameron broke box office records 2-3 times, not through story but through path-breaking VFX. Not to take away from him, (It's probably way harder than it looks.) but when he praises a director or a film, I think he's talking about the visual experience, not the story. And Snyder's visuals are amazing - anyone who denies that is nailed to a cross. But this praise is not surprising at all. Whether or not you like Snyder's stories, his visuals, if not realistic, always look gorgeous. It is a great validation of his visuals, but that's something we already know."

Batman v Superman felt ... fake. Which doesn't mean Snyder doesn't have a unique visual style. I mean he's original enough that most people could automatically tell it's a Zack Snyder film from the opening frame. I just haven't really liked any of his films. Not my style and feels almost cartoonish.