Jack Nicholson coming out of "retirement" to star in Hollywood remake of "Toni Erdmann" alongside Kristen Wiig

Jack Nickelson Kristin Wiig Tony Erdmann

Can I get an Amen?! Jack Nicholson, up there with De Niro, Day-Lewis and Pacino in my books as far as  thegreatest actors of the last 40+ years of American cinema goes, is not retiring after all. Thank the cinematic Gods for that, there was rumor that he gave up on acting because he couldn't remember his lines anymore. That seems to have not detered Jack one bit in choosing his next film: A remake of Maren Ade's "Toni Erdmann."

I actually would have loved another actress to take the role of the daughter, um Michelle Williams anyone, but hopefully Kristen Wiig won't fuck the entire thing up.

Source: Variety

"Jack Nicholson, who hasn’t appeared in a feature film since 2010, will star opposite Kristen Wiig in the English-language remake of “Toni Erdmann.”

"Sources tell Variety Paramount Pictures has acquired remake rights to the Oscar-nominated film with Nicholson and Wiig attached to star."

I am an unabashed, hardcore Jack Nicholson fan. The man is living legend and he basically owned the 70s and 80s with his charsimatic, loosely stylized acting. In many of his movies he was the sardonic drifter, the eternal outsider, a man that always rebelled against societal structure. 

Favorite Nicholson? It's too hard for me to choose one, but I'll give you guys some of his greatest performances: "Easy Rider,"  "Five Easy Pieces," "The Last Detail," "Chinatown," The Passenger," "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," "The Shining," "Terms of Endearment," "Prizzi's Honor," "Batman," "A Few Good Men," "As Good As It Gets," "The Pledge," "About Schmidt" and "The Departed."