In the alley scene in Collateral, Tom Cruise executes this firing technique so well that it's used in lessons for tactical handgun training

"Here’s something I found out today.  There’s a scene in the movie Collateral where Tom Cruise is being held up in an alley.   He is approached by a couple of thugs who have a gun pointed at him.   Cruise then uses his signature double tap to the chest and one in the head move.  The whole draw and punch takes 1.3 seconds.  It was so impressive that this very scene is now used in lessons in tactical handgun training.  Not bad Mr. Cruise."

Back in 2004 I wrote:

"Bless Michael Mann for, yes, being Michael Mann. The director of The Insider, Manhunter, Ali and Heat has always been one to delve into the deepest, darker thoughts of the male psyche. In Collateral, his 8th film as director, he gives us the story of a hitman -indelibly played by Tom Cruise- and the Cabbie -Jamie Foxx- he meets one night to bring him to numerous hitjobs. Along the way we learn more about these two fascinating characters as their journey leads them to an underground L.A. Filled with violence and corruption that cannot be shaken. The way the city of angels is lit by ace cinematographer Dion Beebe is half the journey of this mesmerizing after hours classic. The journey is half the battle as Mann springs surprises that no one can see coming. He has crafted yet another world that will haunt your dreams."