Do we actually need a second season of Stranger Things?

I dug Netflix's Stranger Things for what it was last year: an homage to '80s Spielberg-ian, youthful, adventure yarns. It worked, it gelled, the plot was outrageous and silly, but that's what you'd expect from a show whose greatest influence was 1985's extremely likable, but silly "The Goonies." After the first season ended, I was like "Ok, good stuff, don't really care what happens next." Well lo and behold we have a second season on our hands. A Super Bowl ad will appear during this coming Sunday's telecast. It is highly anticipated by the lore of fans it garnered in its first season, nostalgiasts, people that clearly did not care about the message that "Midnight in Paris" was conveying, that the past always gets romanticized, but that we should be living in the present. People will eventually look through this shows plot holes and go to the next big thing. It's bound to happen.