‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Teaser Released by Marvel

Yay or Nay? Captain America: Civil War was the best Avengers movie we have gotten thus far in the Marvel: Cinematic Universe. Will be hard to top what the Russo brothers created with that film, but I'm all eyes and ears for Infinity War, which comes off the utter disappointment that was Age of Ultron. I had partially given up on The Avengers until I saw Civil War. My expectations are still fairly low for this next chapter. I do look forward to the next Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy, but Thor? Give me a break. Why don't they give Robert Downey another shot at an Iron Man film. The third film was great and had a loose, eccentric vibe that is severely lacking in many of the Marvel movies these days. His paycheck must be too steep for billionaire Disney.