Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson -both Conservatives- having to sit through Meryl Streep's scathing anti-Trump speech

Did the camera purposely pan on these two guys when Meryl Streep was giving her, now controversial, speech condemning President-Elect Trump? Who knows, but it's moments like these that make watching the Globes well worth it. I can only imagine what was brewing in their heads as Streep delivered the line "When the powerful use their power to bully others we all lose."

One might say Streep is clearly still sore from the loss Democratic Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton suffered last November. If your memory serves you well you might remember Streep not only endorsing Clinton, but campaigning for her at a few events as well. Streep was confident that Trump would lose that, According to The New York Times, on July 26th, in Philadelphia, she told a crowd of thousands of Hilary supporters "She will be the first female President, but she won't be the last."