Marion Cotillard Says She Cries Whenever She Watches "Step Brothers" and that she's seen it more than ten times

Well, who da thunk it? Cotillard seems to be full of surprises.

"It might sound weird, but I always cry at the end of Step Brothers," she said. "I've seen the movie ten times, and it still touches me at the end, when Will Ferrell sings. You don't expect to cry watching that type of comedy, but I always do."

This is the scene she is referring to.

SourceW Magazine

Can anyone complain about this? "Step Brothers" has become over the years a classic in comedy. Which has had more than a few people name-checking it in interviews. Rolling Stone also had a much talked about piece about how its aged like fine wine (click HERE). For me, it's up there with "Old School" and "Anchorman" in the Ferrell pantheon. In fact, when's the last time he actually had a "good" movie? "Casa De Mi Padre," "The Campaing," Anchorman 2," "Daddy's Home," and "Zoolander 2" all were disappointments.