"Logan" has brand, spanking new trailer

I don't look forward to many superhero movies. I was anticipating the Christopher Nolan "Batman" films, "The Avengers" definitely piqued my interest, but overall they always come armed with a marketing campaign and hype machine that just doesn't suit my tastes. Don't get me wrong, I do end up liking quite a bit of them, this is me giving some much needed love to "Iron Man 3,"but I can't really say a Marvel or DC movie fills me with excitement. "Logan," on the other hand, is a film that has peeked my curiosity ever since its black and white trailer appeared late last year with Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" playing in the background. That was sheer brilliance, then again, I'm sure you can make a great trailer out of almost any drama by just using Johnny Cash's haunting song. Nevertheless, "Logan" passes the test with this new trailer which is in black and white, and which doesn't use Cash, by how eligiac and tragic the tone feels. This isn't a Marvel movie that will end on a cliffhanger, there's doom looming in every frame and director Jame Mangold (Cop Land, Girl Interrupted, Identity, Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma) that knows what he's doing.

“Logan” premieres at the Berlin Film Festival and opens on March 3rd.