GoldDerby, A consensus of 24 Oscar pundits, claims these are your 10 Best Picture frontrunners

Source: Gold Derby

Gold Derby is usually pretty dead-on with their predictions. Over 24 Oscar "experts," which includes bloggers, critics, pundits, industry, have made the claim that these are the 10 films that will be fighting it out for Best Picture come Oscar time. My guess is that we will have around 8 nominees this year, which has been the average, but some are claiming we might actually have the lowest number yet with 6.

My own Oscar predictions (HERE) are not far off from these. Some of the exceptions: I don't believe that "Jackie" and "Silence" have the support to get nominated. "Hidden Figures" seems to be well-loved across the board and should be in contention. I also think "Sully" has a real shot, despite the Golden Globes snub. For Best Actress, Ruth Negga might sneak in and oust Annette Bening. The Best Actor lineup I have no problem with, but I think Tom Hanks might oust Viggo, we shall see, ditto Supporting Actress which looks dead-set. As for Supporting Actor, I'd take out Dev Patel and Hugh Grant, replace them with Michael Shannon in "Nocturnal Animals," and Kevin Costner in "Hidden Figures."