First Look: Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson, Stockard Channing as Elizabeth Taylor and Brian Cox as Marlon Brando in URBAN MYTHS

Joseph Fiennes Michael Jackson

Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson in a TV production for the UK’s Sky Arts. 

If you remember, last year there was much controversy over the announcement of a white actor playing Michael Jackson. What the hell did they expect? Did they want a black actor to put on white face and play Jackson instead? The dude was white, his skin tone was whiter than 99% of white people. 

The trailer for Urban Myths hit YouTube on Tuesday, and, suffice to say, what the hell?! Stockard Channing plays Elizabeth Taylor, uncanny resemblance, and Brian Cox portrays Marlon Brando. A 2011 Vanity Fair article alleged that Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando road-tripped to Ohio shortly after the 9/11 attacks, an event now being recreated as part of Urban Myths.

I can't really lie to you, I am very much looking forward to this ... potential trainwreck reenactment of the now infamous road trip from hell these three took. It's about time someone attempted to deconstruct the absurd relationship Jackson, Brando and Taylor had. I wonder where Macaulay Culkin was the weekend this road trip happened, he must have gotten an invite, right?