DEADPOOL just became an Oscar contender with its Producers Guild of America Best Picture nomination

I ain't kidding. The PGA is usually the most accurate way to predict the Oscar nominees for Best Picture. Thousands of industry producers vote for the PGA awards and guess who votes for the Best Picture award at the Oscars? Those same producers that voted for the PGA. 
As it stands "Sully," "Silence," "Jackie," "Loving," "20th Century Women" and "Florence Foster Jenkins" are out of the race. They cannot make it, the odds are stacked against them.
The following are the nominated films:
Hacksaw Ridge
Hell or High Water
Hidden Figures
La La Land
Manchester by the Sea
Full List on its way. This list via Kris Tapley.
Last year, the guild foresaw seven of the eight Oscar contenders: “The Big Short,” “Bridge of Spies,” “Brooklyn,” “Mad Max; Fury Road,” “The Martian,” “The Revenant” and “Spotlight.” It missed “Room,” opting instead for “Ex Machina,” “Sicario” and “Straight Outta Compton.” While “The Big Short” won over the producers, academy voters opted for “Spotlight.”
Likewise, in 2014, the PGA went seven for eight: “American Sniper,” “Boyhood,” “Birdman,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “The Imitation Game,” “The Theory of Everything” and “Whiplash.” It went with “Foxcatcher,” “Gone Girl” and “Nightcrawler” over eventual Oscar nominee “Selma.” “Birdman” was the top pick for best pic with both groups.
In 2013, eight of the PGA nominees made the cut with academy: eventual Best Picture winner “12 Years a Slave,” as well as “Gravity” (which had tied with it at the PGA), “American Hustle,” “Captain Phillips,”  “Dallas Buyers Club” “Her,” “Nebraska,” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.” The other two PGA contenders — “Blue Jasmine” and “Saving Mr. Banks” — were snubbed by the academy. Rather, Brit hit “Philomena” was the ninth Oscar nominee.