Criterion's April releases will include THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG and Coppola's RUMBLE FISH


I'm glad they're releasing Rumble Fish instead of The Outsiders. The former is the far better and artful S.E. Hinton adaptation. In fact, the difference in tone and style between the two is quite drastic, you would probably think that Coppola learned valuable lessons from filming "The Outsiders" and brought that experience to "Rumble Fish." It really is just night and day in terms of how different they are via tone, tempo, style, shot selection. It's probably the last watch-ably compulsive film of Coppola's career.

"The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" being released, in what will most likely be, a month or so after "La La Land" wins Best Picture is not a coincidence. Damien Chazelle has not been shy in mentioning "Cherbourg" as his biggest influence in making "La La Land." The colors, dancing, singing, surrealist aspect of Jacques Demy's 1960's masterpiece are apparent in every frame of Chazelle's great film.

Courtesy of the Press Release:

The Criterion Collection April 2017
New Releases In April,

We’re serving up a ramen western from Juzo Itami, a vibrant music documentary from Wim Wenders, a tale of alienated youth from Francis Ford Coppola, and a battle-of-the-sexes comedy from George Stevens. Plus, two candy-colored musicals by Jacques Demy will be released as single editions.