Akira Kuroawa's advice to young filmmakers

"It costs a great deal of money to make films these days, and it's hard to become a director. You must learn and experience various things to become a director, and it's not so easily accomplished. But if you genuinely want to make films then write screenplays. All you need to write a script is pencil and paper. It's only through writing scripts that you learn specifics about the structure of film and what cinema is. That's what I tell them, but they still won't write. They find writing too hard. And it is. Writing scripts is a hard job. Still .. Balzac said that for writers, including novelists, the most essential and important thing is the forbearance to face the dull task of writing one word at a time. That is the first requirement for any writer. When you consider Balzac's body of work with that in mind , it's just staggering because he produced a volume of written work that we couldn't finish reading in our lifetimes."