Tom Cruise tries to kickstart a new franchise in his resume with THE MUMMY

I usually like the roles and films Tom Cruise chooses, he just has a knack for picking smart, but entertaining fare, but this? This is just a sad attempt at trying to kickstart a new franchise in his resume. I don't see any other reason why. Cruise used to pick smart, adult roles ("Minority Report," "Collateral," "Magnolia," "Eyes Wide Shut,") but now it seems like he's trying to bank on a bunch of different franchises to keep his career going into the future. It's Tom Cruise the businessman.  The director for "The Mummy" is Alex Kurtzman and he's been a writer for most of his young career, but his writing resume reveals a hack, not an artist: "The Island," "Transformers," "Cowboys & Aliens," "The Legend of Zorro," "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." Yikes. Is this really the best this film could get for director? This looks horrible, I guess the better Tom Cruise movie next year will be his, already, Oscar-buzzed "American Made" directed by Doug Liman.