THE EMOJI MOVIE trailer will almost convince you that American cinema is dead

Yes, we all know Hollywood is running out of ideas. I have been warning people for months now that they're making an Emoji movie. People didn't believe me. Well, here you go. Further proof that a movie can get made about just about anything. I'm really curious how they will market this thing. I mean, what's the target demographic for this? People that like to use emojis? Teenyboppers that can get suckered into seeing just about anything as long as it is rammed and marketed down their throats. Total brainwash. This might go down as one of the worst ideas for a movie in a very long time. Anthony Leondis directs and this guy is known for the direct to DVD "Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch." Yikes, kill me now. Hey, maybe Almodovar and Scorsese were right about the sad state of affairs in American cinema ...

The synopsis has it like this:

THE EMOJI MOVIE unlocks the never-before-seen secret world inside your smartphone. Hidden within the messaging app is Textopolis, a bustling city where all your favorite emojis live, hoping to be selected by the phone’s user. In this world, each emoji has only one facial expression – except for Gene (T.J. Miller), an exuberant emoji who was born without a filter and is bursting with multiple expressions. Determined to become “normal” like the other emojis, Gene enlists the help of his handy best friend Hi-5 (James Corden) and the notorious code breaker emoji Jailbreak (Ilana Glazer). Together, they embark on an epic “app-venture” through the apps on the phone, each its own wild and fun world, to find the Code that will fix Gene. But when a greater danger threatens the phone, the fate of all emojis depends on these three unlikely friends who must save their world before it’s deleted forever.

“The Emoji Movie” opens on August 11, 2017.