Steve Martin gets backlash about Carrie Fisher tweet, deletes it -

Accusations of sexism started flooding Steve Martin's Twitter page soon after. Here are just a few of the hundreds of responses that forced Martin to delete the tweet.

People who get offended on Twitter need to be ridiculed every single day for the rest of their entire lives. The only people offended by someone being called beautiful are lacking beauty both on the inside and outside. Are we that type of society now? One that gets easily offended by anything? Many close to Fisher re-tweeted that she would have probably laughed at the whole thing. Don't you just fucking hate 'call-out' culture? It's not going to stop, it's only going to get worse and worse. Everyone getting offended by everything needs to stop. I don't see the problem with this tweet. He acknowledged that his initial younger thoughts of her were shallow, and then came to see the person that she was as he matured. Most women would find this flattering, no? It seems that on Twitter you can't insult or compliment women. To do either is sexism. You can't even address women directly. That's unwanted attention and it's harassment. In fact, you can't address women at all, or even the subject of women. That's mansplaining and you're way out of your lane. Poor Steve. Someone forgot to tell him that the best answer is to tell them to go fuck themselves.