ROGUE ONE Projected for $280-$350 Million Global Opening

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Did we ever doubt the power of the Star Wars name? Deadline is reporting that "Rogue One" can expect to make as much as $350M globally on opening weekend and $140M-$150M domestically. I predict the numbers will be higher, projections for these sort of bona-fide blockbusters are always under-projected just in case there's under-performing, but you can bet "Rogue One" will be making more than $150M opening weekend. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if it outperforms "The Force Awakens." The brand is just getting started, the juggernaut that's Disney is behind hit and the numbers will grow with every movie released.

"Yeah, yeah, we already know Rogue One‘s opening isn’t going to be as high as Force Awakens a year ago, which pulled in an all-time global debut of $528.97M. Episode VII was propped by pent-up demand, and the latest film is a spinoff. Still, Rogue One with a frosh dramatis personae will kick off pretty damn high with a worldwide start over five days between $280M-$350M. Only 19 movies have opened to north of $300M worldwide to date. This year, Batman V Superman ($422.5M) and Captain America: Civil War ($379.5) were two of them.

"In the U.S./Canada, industry projections currently lie between $140M-$150M in 4,100-plus sites, with a heavier interest among men than women. Still the notion among distribution chiefs is that the latter sex will come along for the want-to-see in the days following the pic’s release. By comparison, Force Awakens opened in 4,134 locations. 400 Imax theaters will have the Gareth Edwards-directed Rogue One for four weeks around the globe."

Source: Deadline