Peter Travers' Best Movies of 2016

I got my issue of Rolling Stone today and, lo behold, we have Peter Travers' list. Another safe, pedantic list from Mr. Traver. I used to read his reviews a lot on Rolling Stone, but at some point something happened and his taste in movies started to become more robotic. I don't really know how to fully explain his change, but nevertheless I do commend you guys to read some of his reviews from the 90s, he had more freedom to write lengthy, essay-type of reviews and they were great. I learned a lot from him as I grew up and became a film buff. Nowadays RS barely gives him any space in their issues and the reviews are just not that detail-filled. Oh, the magazine business.

1) La La Land
2) Manchester by the Sea
3) Moonlight
4) Fences
5) Silence
6) Jackie
7) Sully
8) Loving
9) Hell or High Water
10) Birth of a Nation