Kristen Stewart + The Rolling Stones = Highly watchable

The Rolling Stones' latest album is getting some fairly decent reviews, maybe their best since 1994's "Bridges to Babylon"? or maybe you'd have to go further back, the early 80s and "Tattoo You" possibly? Anyway, its been billed as a "back to the basics" of sorts for the band, every song is a blues number recorded in a spur-of-the-moment live way kind of way in the studio. This video, for the song entitled "Ride 'Em On Down," is directed by Fran├žois Rousselet in a very late 90s/early aughts kind of stylistic throwback. Remember when celebrities used to star in music videos that made them look "badass"? Yeah, that's what Rousselet is going for here and I don't mind that at all, especially since the celebrity here is Kristen Stewart. I love me some Kristen Stewart. The song isn't too bad either.