Denis Villeneuve: ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Does NOT Answer If Deckard Is A Replicant Or Not

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As I mentioned a year back, thanks to a friend that was working on the "Blade Runner 2049" set, director Denis Villeneuve will not give us a definitive answer as to whether or not Deckard is a Replicant. I'm all fine with that, leave the mystery lingering around for us to decipher. It would be all too easy to give answers, part of the Blade Runner mythos is about the ambiguous nature of self-identity. 

Thanks to my colleagues at The Playlist for this:

"In an interview with Allocine (in French, and I’m paraphrasing the following), the filmmaker says it was very important to him not to break the tension of the mystery that lingers around Scott’s original movie, or solve all its riddles. You might think that because Nexus 6 replicants only have a four-year lifespan, that the return of Ford in “Blade Runner 2049” as Deckard answers the question regarding his humanity, but Villeneuve says “not necessarily.” So, get ready for those internet debates to start raging once again. Here’s my #hottake: maybe Deckard was actually/secretly the next generation of Nexus replicants, or was damaged goods. Discuss."