All hail Jessica Chastain in the riveting MISS SLOANE

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I really liked Miss Sloane when I saw it more than a month ago, but mostly because of Jessica Chastain who elevates the second-hand material to the level art. Her performance is a crazed high-wire act that threatens to spin out of control, but it doesn't. In fact, Chastain maintains her balancing act throughout with the kind of artistry that is missing these days in acting. She takes risks playing the titular Elizabeth Sloane, a political strategist recruited by a law firm to tackle the issue of gun control in America. Chastain plays Sloane like a ruthless go-getter who will do whatever it takes to win. She wants to spearhead a campaign supporting a proposed legislation that would require stricter background checks for gun ownership in the United States. Not only does she have to fight an NRA-inspired group of right-wing second amendment capitalists, but she has to contend with her old law firm, which she left to join the enemy, due to their support of the pro-militia group.  

Chastain could be up for another Oscar nomination and, to tell you the truth, I can't think of that many worthy actresses this year to contend with this performance. Her Miss Sloane is a ruthless, hermit, insomniac druggie, but she's also a brilliant political strategist that plays her cards left and right until they fall to her liking. Nimble in movements but nearly paralyzing in line delivery, Chastain is unparalleled in her sheer excellence and commitment to the craft. As San Francisco Gate film critic Mick Lasalle so beautifully stated, she "Grabs the role by the throat, smashes it against the wall about ten times and then devours it while it’s still quivering. You want to see star acting on a grand scale? Miss Sloane is the movie to see."