These are the films Quentin Tarantino believes are the 'Greatest Ever Made'

His Ballot for the 'Sight and Sound' poll shows us a list rich in American cinema, especially from the 70s as 9 of his films come from that decade. Compare this list to the one he submitted to Empire Magazine in 2008 (pictured above) and there are significant differences. People are allowed to change their minds over time, no? I know my ballot would have changed over that period of time.

"Apocalypse Now"
"The Bad News Bears"
"Dazed & Confused"
"The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"
"The Great Escape"
"His Girl Friday"
"Pretty Maids All In A Row"
"Rolling Thunder"
"Taxi Driver"

Now if only I could get myself a copy of "Pretty Maids All In A Row"