The Simpsons Predicted President Trump 16 Years Ago

I wasn't as shocked by last night's results as many of you might have been. Why? Because I predicted this was going to happen. Still, a very sad day. The anger and restlessness running through this country at the moment is at an all-time high. The votes Trump got were votes of anger and boycotting a system that has been unsatisfying to them. They accepted Trump's inconsistencies over Hilary's more pristine-crafted professional politics. I also believe that Bernie Sanders opened up a whole can of worms with his candidacy for Democratic nominee, Hilary just couldn't recover from that. Trump took advantage of it. The left is now up to Millennials to rebuild.  Does this set the nation back? I Can't say, Trump is too unpredictable. He's not really a token Republican, he's a hybrid of left and right. He won 30 states last night. I don't think I could have predicted it to be that big of a margin. 

The Simpsons have been known to have an unabashed knack to predict the future so it's no surprise that they predicted a President Trump sixteen years ago! "As you know we've inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump" claims Lisa Simpson who takes over The Donald's disastrous presidency with the economy at an all-time worst.

Donald himself was somewhat prophetic about his potential Presidency, claiming that he could be quite successful running as a Republican:

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Let us not forget that The Simpsons also predicted The Rolling Stones would continue touring past 2010 in the "Steel Wheelchair" Tour.  Of course that's not what the tour was called, but the Stones have turned out to be quite aageless as they continue touring to this day with Jagger continuing to movie like, well, Jagger.

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