The first official poster for ‘Alien: Covenant' is just about perfect.

This was just posted on the film's Facebook page. 

Also, the release date appears to have been moved up from its August 4th release, now scheduled for May 19th.

What does this drastic date change mean for the film's prospects? Well, it certainly shows confidence. It's funny how a simple date change has drastically increased my expectations for the film. May 19th is around the time the big guns usually get released in Hollywood. 

Past rumors have suggested that the future of Neil Blomkamp's "Alien 5" would heavily depend on how well "Alien: Covenant" does at the box-office. The film is being releaed during a blockbuster month of summer movie season: "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2," and "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" will also be released around that time. Is that a risk Fox can afford to take with this? 

The film is part of the "Alien" franchise and is a sequel to Ridley Scott's HIGHLY underrated 2012 film "Prometheus." We don't know much beyond that, but Michael Fassbender is returning with a much bigger role this time and Noomi Rapace, the film's main protagonist, will be there, in some capacity.

In 12.9.12 I had this to say about "Prometheus"

"Ridley Scott's prequel to his "Alien" is the kind of movie I love. Filled with ambitious ideas about creation "Prometheus" can be seen as a great bookend to last year's "Tree Of Life". It is a deep, satisfying, visually rewarding experience. It asks questions that most filmmakers don't dare to ask and is acted and directed in such high fashion. I just wish Scott would forget the idea of making a sequel to a movie that asks us questions and dares us not to answer them by letting us ponder its far-reaching outcome instead."