Raoul Coutard 1924-2016

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The visual innovator of the French "Nouvelle Vague" has passed away at the age of 92. Coutard shot 75 films in his illustrious career, he will always be remembered as Jean-Luc Godard’s go-to guy, photographing practically all of JLG’s Nouvelle Vague work from 1959-1967. This meant lots of black-and-white films, and only a handful in color. During this era, he always insisted on using natural lighting for his work. Coutard’s inventive use of the hand-held camera was incredibly important in the advancement of filmmaking. In fact, his visionary work with the hand-held is just as innovative as Orson Welles’ extended use of deep focus in "Citizen Kane." One can’t also forget his post-Nouvelle Vague work with Costa-Gravas and his incendiary work with his masterpiece, "Z." A legendary cinematographer if there ever was one.