Patty Jenkins Gives "Wonder Woman" A Little Hope

I couldn't get past Gal Gadot's thick Israeli accent in "Keeping Up With The Joneses" I hope it fits a little more with Amazonian allure of Wonder Woman. What does this trailer tell me? That Patty Jenkins is a much better director than Zach Snyder. Her visual style is much more sophisticated and deal-able than Snyder's overstuffed frames. I think this film might be the first watchable one of the DC universe or at least I hope. Jenkins has not made a film since 2003 when she directed Charlize Theron to her Oscar in "Monster."

What has she been doing since then? We don't know much really beyond the fact that she directed a short film about breast cancer in 2011. She's also directed episodes of "The Killing" for TV, got an Emmy nomination for "Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series" for the pilot of that show. She has the chops and it's about time a female director is given a crack at these superhero films.

"Wonder Woman" Opens On June 2nd, 2017