'Nocturnal Animals'

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Back in 9.19.16 I wrote:

"Tom Ford’s follow-up to 2009’s “A Single Man” turned out to be the love it or hate it movie of the fest. Heated debate raged post-screening, with the film’s champions touting it as a provocative depiction of 21stcentury masculinity, whereas the haters couldn’t look past what they saw as its lurid fiction-within-fiction B-movie plot device isolated a few timid souls. Amy Adams, on fire this fest, plays art gallery owner Susan Morrow, a woman haunted by an old flame (Jake Gyllenhaal) who sends her his latest violent novel “Nocturnal Animals.” Something in the book touches a nerve in Susan and, through flashbacks recounting their failed relationship, we get to see why. To mention any plot points in Ford’s film would be to ruin a nastily satisfying thriller that refuses to balk away from conventions. This wasn’t an easy film to swallow for many, and some of the people I spoke to did in fact have real distaste for it. I can agree that Ford's juggling of plot points, but more specifically flashbacks, can sometimes feel a little out of place and can throw you off with its shift of tones, but it has just enough intrigue and artfulness to prove to the world that, yes, Tom Ford is an extraordinary filmmaker. Some of the scenes he concocts have a biting sting" [B+]

"Nocturnal Animals" comes out tomorrow.