Martin Scorsese to screen 'Silence' for Pope Francis privately before the Vatican premiere of the film

The Vatican Press Office has announcted that tomorrow morning at 8:45am Martin Scorsese and Pope Francis will watch "Silence," in a private screening. Afterwards Scorsese and the Pontiff will discuss the film and the mission of the Jesuits, which is the priestly order Pope Francis belongs to. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for this.

As we speak these are the screenings "Silence" has for the next few days:

Thursday, November 30th Vatican City
Thursday, November 30th New York Film Critics Circle
Sunday December 4th Los Angeles Press, Industry

About the New York Film Critics Circle, they vote for their awards on Friday, which means we can somewhat know a little more about the the quality of Scorsese's film by then. That will be interesting to see since NYFCC has not always been kind to Scorsese, his last film to win their Best Picture award was "Goodfellas" more than 26 years ago. Nothing else has come close to taking their big award since then.

We will surely know the consensus being gathered about the film on Sunday evening when the first tweets show up for Scorsese's picture. I'll be covering it, as I always do with these types of big events, right here by updating the page with every new reaction I can gather from social media. Stay tuned people.