Here comes the smear campaign for Casey Affleck's precious Oscar

The Daily Beast has just published what seems to be the start of a scathing smear campaign towards Best Actor frontrunner Casey Affleck. Amanda White, who served as producer for "I'm Still Here," the Affleck directed mockumentary starring Joaquin Phoenix, allegedly complained that she was "repeatedly harassed by Affleck" during the shoot back in 2009.

Seems like you can dig up dirt on just about anyone these days. News travels, and it travels fast and furiously. Trump might change the hypersensitivity that is happening around the country and make us numb to these kinds of things, who knows. Is that good thing? Don't know, but what I do know is that some people will take this story VERY seriously. As they should?

As my buddy just told me "I guess people figure if they can destroy the "Birth of a Nation" guy this way ..."

"She claimed that Affleck ordered a crew member to take off his pants and show White his penis—even after she vehemently objected. She claimed that Affleck repeatedly referred to women as “cows,” and recounted his sexual exploits with reckless abandon. In her complaint, White recalled Affleck asking her “Isn’t it about time you get pregnant?” once he learned her age, and suggesting that she and a male crew member reproduce. White’s accusations go on, ranging from incredibly unprofessional behavior to actual physical intimidation. She described an instance where she was prevented from returning to her bedroom during shooting, because Affleck and Phoenix had locked themselves in her room with two women where they had sex with them."

"Affleck was married with two children to Phoenix’s sister, Summer, at the time—though the couple recently split). She also alleged that Affleck attempted to manipulate her into sharing a hotel room with him. When she resisted, White claimed, he grabbed her threateningly and attempted to scare her into submission. Affleck then allegedly proceeded to send White abusive text messages, calling her “profane names” for refusing to stay with him. White filed a $2 million lawsuit against Affleck in Los Angeles Superior Court on July 23, 2010."

But, there's more. I'm not going to get into the whole thing, but make what you will of this. He is the leading frontrunner to win the Oscar so a smear campaign was going to show up sooner or later, the question is how serious is this? If proved to be accurate will a downfall come into fruition? This is all speculation and I tend to try and not resort to that kind of writing. So, for now, click HERE if you want to read more about it from The Daily Beast. This is probably the last you'll hear about this unless it completely explodes into the news stratosphere, but let's just say The Daily Beast has not always been a credible source for professional writing.