Francis Ford Coppola's 'Godfather' Notebook

Coppola (standing, left) directing the famous scene of the meeting of the five New York City crime families.
James Caan (center), with Coppola (in hat), was originally cast as Michael before switching to Sonny.
Coppola pasted the novel onto larger pages so he could add notes to his original annotations. “The more pens I was using and the more ruler lines and the more squiggly lines, the excitement of the book was higher and higher [for me],” he says. “Just the sheer amount of ink on the page would tell me this was one of the most important scenes.”

The Hollywood Reporter has posted about Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather production Notebook. A sneak peek of sorts for an upcoming new book filled with Coppola's "Never-Before-Seen Photos, Handwritten Notes." "The Godfather Notebook" (Regan Arts, $50) will be available on November 15th in bookstores or, if you're a big spender, a signed $500 limited edition is also available and even comes in a "replica three-ring binder."

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