First 'Silence' press screenings announced: November 19th L.A. and November 30th in NYC

According to Jefferey Wells over at Hollywood-Elsewhere, Scorsese's "Silence" was supposed to screen for the New York Film Critics Circle on November 30th. THAT screening has been completely scrapped, or at least, according to Variety's Kristopher Tapley who reported that now Scorsese's film will be screened for critics only in early December.  It seems like they are willing to wait it out with no trailer or movie poster in sight, which is an odd move considering this is supposed to be an awards contender.

I have not gotten any invite as of yet, I'm expecting mine probably in December, but the fact that this might get screened way after I have to submit my top 10 list to various critics polls is just bad marketing on the part of Paramount. Isn't Brad Grey confident enough to screen this film in time for critics and build some kind of buzz around it? I am not, in any way, lowering my expectations for "Silence," this is after all Martin Scorsese film.

Update: This from Tapley

"Things change. Paramount is now planning to screen for members of the National Board of Review on Nov. 19 and members of the New York Film Critics Circle on Nov. 30."