"Come Together"– an H&M Christmas ad directed by Wes Anderson

So instead of hiring an ad agency with a creative director who desperately imitates Wes Anderson, they just hired Wes Anderson. Smart. This film actually felt kinda self-aware in how Wes Anderson it was. I think it was a supposed to be a bit self-parody. But I don't know, it is hard to tell sometimes. His style really works for this and I doubt H&M will make a better, more playful commercial. Very well done. 

I think it's safe to say that we all prefer this more than regular, mindless commercial advertising, and it's certainly more beneficial for everyone involved, including the audience. The brand gets an attentive audience (who will even share the content, such as what I'm doing at the moment). The audience ends up enjoying the content and the work of their favorite filmmaker/actor in the short film. And the filmmakers and actors get a small, low-stakes gig to make use of their talents.

Wes Anderson loves his trains. In fact I can just imagine him retiring from being a filmmaker to become a train conductor of some sorts. It also almost seems like Anderson is trying to out Wes Anderson himself with every ensuing thing he releases. "Grand Budapest Hotel" was definitely the most Wes Anderson-y movie Wes Anderson ever made, which took the title from Moonrise Kingdom before that and etc. etc.