"Collateral Beauty" is Oscar-baiting at its worst [Trailer]

This looks awful. Tying to Oscar-bait its way to awards, "Collateral Damage" looks like the kind of picture that was constantly made in the 90s, but gets mocked now today by a more open-minded generation of cinemagoers. 

David Frankel, the film's director, has made some average films in his career "Marley and Me," "The Big Year," "Hope Springs" and has pretty much made a career out of making safe, wholesome entertainment. He practically built an entire career out of his debut "The Devil Wears Prade," that was watchable, but no thanks to Meryl Streep who got an Oscar-nomination for a role she was born to play.

As for Will Smith, I just hope Jada doesn't come out again and insist he didn't get a nomination because of the color of his skin. He's proven to be a very good actor, but he needs to pick better screenplays. No, really, Smith has proven to me he can greatly act over the years in fils such as "Ali," "Enemy of the State," "Men In Black," "I Am Legend" and, hell, even maudlin stuff like "Seven Pounds" and "The Pursuit of Happyness," no typo there.