'Cars 3' Official US Teaser Trailer

I love Pixar. The classics they've released over the past 20 years have been tremendous (Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up, Toy Story 3) yet there's always been much hate directed towards 2006's Cars which, I'll admit it, did not have the inventiveness of the previously said titles but had a sweet, good natured simplicity to its Americana vibe. I loved every second of it when I saw it 10 years ago, while on vacation, at a screening room in Alberta's Lux movie theater. Cars 2, on the other hand, I did not love. It is by far the worst movie in Pixar's short 21 year history. While the original had a sweet, western-like, small town simplicity to its delivery, "Cars 2" was all flash and turned into a, gosh, Bond-esque spy caper. The characters were wooden and the marketing for the film's products was all over the screen. Not surprising considering Cars is a major business for Pixar, from lunchboxes to toys, Pixar has been milking it ever since the original's release. Another big mistake was concentrating the center of its plot on red-neck talkin Mater, a caricature that ranks amongst Pixar's worst characters. With all that being said, I do not look forward to "Cars 3."